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Pleased to announce! Cameo Spa Facials. Sandra Rush, Certified E.T. and Certified Skin Care Professional – Facialist, Acupressure Specialist and has been working with Dr. Guo for the past fifteen years and is now celebrating twelve years as an acupressure specialist, and now excited to introduce the launch of her new business Cameo Spa Facials.

Why Choose Cameo Spa Facials?

  • Manual Non-Abrasive Dermabrasion
  • Scent free (aromatherapy optional)
  • Quick, convenient parking, private and comfortable
  • Individual Treatment Rooms, quiet, dim lighting, complete relaxation, gentle slow pace ambiance
  • Celebrating fifteen years in Acupressure/Massage Therapy, 20 years in the Medical field
  • Infra-red heat lamps for complete relaxation and air conditioning in the summer
  • Professional skin care analysis mandatory with every facial, clean sheets and blankets
  • Low overhead, competitive pricing
  • All products are carefully researched and ingredients are well educated, most natural
  • Only one skin care professional and personal with your skin type needs
  • Her unique training includes: certified massage therapy with horses and dogs, a postgraduate certificate as a craniosacral therapist for her clients, and training with Dr. Guo in Chinese acupressure.
  • After care regime custom to your skin care needs, individually made in small packaging for a lesser price

Sandra has put together her own unique, detailed and analyzed Spa Facials customized to what your skin care needs are. Whether you come and see her for a therapeutic deep-tissue sport massage or a relaxing craniosacral acupressure treatment, she specifically concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders. Also enjoy one of her many add-ons, sliding cupping experience all over your back and shoulders – an experience you won't forget!

Treatments, Packages & Bundles

So when you come in for a spa facial, you will also be receiving Sandra’s signature combination of acupressure and massage. With such individualized treatments, she has already established a rapport with her clients, who keep coming back! If you’re looking for a well-grounded and experienced acupressure specialist/Facialist who is open to your treatment requests and needs, then book your appointment today! IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!


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