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Dr. Yuguang Guo

Dr. Guo had five years of training in the Beijing College of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), where he learned both TCM and modern medicine. He earned his bachelor’s degree at this institution in 1982.

After graduation he worked in a hospital in Beijing as a resident Doctor for two years. From 1984-1988 he continued studying in the graduate school of Beijing Medical University and Guo’s major was the integration of TCM and Western Medicine. Here he attained a Master of Medicine in 1988.

After graduation, Dr. Guo worked in the Department of the Integration of TCM and Western Medicine at the First Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University as the Attending Doctor for seven years.

Dr. Guo received his License of Acupuncturist in New York State in 1997. He became a Registered Acupuncturist in B.C. in 2001 and then a Registered Doctor of TCM in 2003.

Dr. Guo has been practicing acupuncture and TCM in Kelowna since 1999. Dr. Guo’s educational background will help patients choose the right option between different therapies and his experience in the Chinese herbal medicine will help to increase the effect of the acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Yuguang Guo
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